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Julie uses humor and an interactive powerpoint presentation full of silly age-appropriate memes (from the muppets to anime) to make her school visits not only educational and memorable, but fun too.

She takes the students on the journey from the birth of a new idea, to outlining, and then to ultimately writing a novel, and stresses the importance of revising and editing. She then describes the publishing process in an accessible way by including details about working with an illustrator, picking a cover design, and describing characters, all with visual examples. Most importantly, she always leaves time for questions directly from the students, so she can make sure to address them personally and nurture their interests in writing. She's available for both virtual and in person presentations. 


"There is nothing quite like meeting a real live author to inspire a love of reading in students.  Julie encouraged our kids to read and to write with her entertaining and informative presentation.  (It didn't hurt that it was funny too.)  We will be talking about Area 51 around here for a long time to come."


Myrtle Keefe, Library Aide, Wonderland Avenue Elementary School, Los Angeles

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